9 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips – 100 Strips Aquarium Water Test Kits for Freshwater Saltwater – Testing for Iron, Copper…

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9-in-1 Aquarium Test Strips: Test the levels of Iron, Copper, Nitrate, Nitrite, pH, Water Hardness, Carbonate Hardness, Chlorine, Total Alkalinity in freshwater or saltwater at one time.
Fast, Accurate and Easy to Read: 60 s to complete a test. Immerse the test strip in water for 2 s and take it out, hold it horizontally and suspend it above the desktop for 15-60s, then compare the color with the color chart to get fast and accurate parameter results.
Provide Suggestions for Improvement: Based on the parameter results and tips, you can understand the water quality and improve it according to the instructions in time, helping to prevent hidden water problems that may be harmful to fish and lead to fish loss.

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