Aquatic Experts Premium Activated Carbon – Aquarium Carbon Media – Charcoal for Fish Tanks – Aquarium Filter Charcoal Media Price: $15.99$239.99 (as of 28/06/2024 19:45 PST- Details)

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! Our premium carbon has been super cleaned and is HUNGRY TO RAPIDLY TRAP CONTAMINANTS and TOXINS from your aquarium water. This is great for you because you will have a clearer, odor free aquarium while the exceptional water quality will help your aquatic friends thrive. (This activated carbon aquarium granules are small in size and work best with our FINE MESH FILTER MEDIA BAGS, ASIN: B0737Z7DQY)
BREAKTHROUGH! A huge problem with other aquarium activated carbon is that the pores are packed with ash that a simple rinse will not wash away; these pores should be clear and clean. This problem is solved with our carbon! How? After heat activation, our carbon filter media goes through a rigorous cleaning to deep clean the pores. You never have to suffer buying unclean fish filter carbon.
ELIMINATES ODOR AND DISCOLORATION! Our activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal, removes foul odors from freshwater and saltwater aquariums and even pond water LEAVING A CRISP CLEAN SMELL. Our aquarium charcoal has large internal surface area which rapidly adsorbs dissolved pollutants from water including yellow-brown tint, toxins, chlorine, most medications, and some heavy metals.

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