Betta Heater – Fully Submersible Silica Aquarium Heater – Maintains Stable Water Temperature for Bettas automatically – 50 Watts – Durable, Waterproof & Shatterproof Price:  $9.95 (as of 26/03/2022 17:52 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

✔ HELPS ACHIEVE IDEAL WATER TEMPERATURE FOR BETTAS — Bettas, being tropical fish should be provided an optimal environment for their well-being. Fish relies so much on their environment’s water temperature as they do not produce their own body heat. Water Heater for Aquarium by SunGrow can provide essential heat and provides a comfortable living environment to your beloved fish.
✔ PROVIDES ACCURATE & STABLE THERMAL CONTROL — Water temperature stability is one of the keys in keeping Bettas happy & healthy. This innovative tank heater has built-in electronic thermostat providing an optimum temperature range of 75-81°F which is very ideal for this tropical fish. It can automatically turn on and off to ensure temperature stability. It has an indication light to determine whether the heater is on or off.
✔ FULLY SUBMERSIBLE, EASY TO INSTALL, PERFECT FOR 2-15 GALLON AQUARIUM — This 50-Watt electronic heater are fully submersible and can be placed either vertically or diagonally in the water. Comes with 2 solid suction cups using which you can easily attach the heating rod to your tank. It supports between 2 and 15 gallon aquariums.

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