Bird Street Bistro Parrot Food Sample Pack Cooks in as Little as 3 to 15 min | All Natural & Organic Grains and Legumes… Price: $48.99$75.99 (as of 07/12/2022 08:31 PST- Details)

Suitable for Various Birds: Healthy parrot food does exist! Nutritious blend for parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, macaws, African greys, & more. The perfect parrot food for medium birds & larger. Prepare in as little as 3 minutes.
Premium & Clean Recipe: Uses all-natural ingredients. 100% natural with no fillers, sugars, or sulfites. Includes freeze dried fruits, organic whole grains, air dried vegetables, low fat nutritious nuts, savory & healthy spices.
Heath Benefits: Provides excellent health benefits to parrots. Cayenne Pepper which is known for its blood cleansing properties. Quinoa is jam-packed with lysine and healthy amounts of the other amino acids. Kelp improves feather conditioning, and helps birds that experience iodine deficiency

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