Bonlux RGB LED Aquarium Light – Color Changing LED Fish Tank Hood Light with Extendable Brackets, Dimmable RGB LED Light for Freshwater Saltwater Marine Full Spectrum Light Price: $35.99 (as of 27/03/2022 14:46 PST- Details)

Benificial for Fish & Plants — Fish, aquatic low light and higher light plants are growing good under RGB aquarium hood lights kit, like money wort, java moss and coral etc.. You can fell free to create different lighting effects of sunrise, noonday, and sunset by using the remote, which provides a healthy and vibrant environment for fish tank.
Multi Color & Modes — RGB fish tank light has 16 colors and 4 modes with wireless remote. Also, aquarium fish light has a dimmer and options for flash, strobe, fade, smooth transitions, colors are vibrant on your aquarium.
Wide Applications — Fish tanks color led lights ideal for freshwater/saltwater fish, and low light level plants like java moss, java ferns, banana plants, anubia, hornwort and anacharis.