Ciays Baby Gate 29.5” to 41.3”, 30-in Height Extra Wide Dog Gate for Stairs, Doorways and House, Auto-Close Safety Metal… Price: $48.74$73.11 (as of 02/10/2022 19:26 PST- Details)

Baby Protection – Prevent danger before it occurs, secure the Baby gate at the bottom and top of the stairs for maximum safety, in doorways or around objects such as fireplaces to close off unsafe areas. Ciays adjustable width baby gate fits all ranges from 29.5” to 41.3” unlike others and 30” in height making it easy for adults, yet impossible for babies & kids.
Alarm Secure Zone – Sometimes, parents need to focus on other things. Baby gates will keep your kids controlled inside a safe zone. The patented (Alarm Secure) gate with a magnetic switch induction will chime at 65 DB when opened to grab your attention. The mindset of knowing your children can play and roam around in safe areas without constant supervision is priceless.
User Friendly – The baby gate can open and shut smoothly so parents can easily pass through multitasking or carrying toddlers in their arms. Just gently pull the switch then lift to unlock the gate with one hand but the double locking mechanism remains tough for naughty fingers to release. The gate will auto-close when the gate angle is less than 85°.

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