Disposable Ten Second Litter Boxes for Kitty/Cats (4 or 10 Pack). Biodegradable Solution for Quick and Easy Disposal…

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✔️ Benefits – Free yourself from scooping through smelly litter (and the nasty’s hidden in it). Stop washing and cleaning your cat’s plastic dumping ground in your sink, shower or tub (yuck)! And help the environment at the same time (yea, the earth loves you). Spend less time scooping and get back to enjoying your furry friend by simply folding the Ten Second Litter Box closed, locking it shut, and dropping it into the dumpster!
✔️ 10 Second Assembly – Just a few quick folds and voilà! Check out our video posted below to see how easy it is to assemble.
✔️ Simple Disposal – Converts to an easy-carry enclosure to prevent litter spillage when it’s time to throw it out.

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