Elevated Slow Feeder Dog Bowls 4 Height Adjustable 2-in-1 Raised Dog Bowl Stand for Food and Water, Non-Slip Dog Feeder for Medium Large Dogs

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🐕Reduce The Speed of Eating to Promote Digestion & Keep Clean: By combining a tall dog bowl stand with slow feeding dog food bowl and slow drinking dog water bowl to slow down the speed at which your dog eats, it prevents your dog from swallowing air because of rapid gulping and reduces the problem of gas and bloating that your dog will experience as a result. The slow feeder dog bowl is also large enough for your dog to eat a lot. Also, no splash dog water bowl to keep the feeding area clean.
🐕Upgraded 8″ round dog bowls replaced the inconvenient square bowl and to be easier for dogs to get food out, cleaning is a breeze then, and you can always replace the most commonly used round bowls of the same size as you like. With anti-spill water bowl with floating dish design, the water only comes out when the dog’s tongue presses down on the dish, thus preventing water from splashing around. Keeping the floor clean also keeps less water on your dog’s face.
🐕Adjustable Height Dog Food Bowl Stand for Medium & Large Sized Dogs: Say goodbye to bending down! Our elevated dog feeder can be adjusted to 4 different heights: 3.7″, 9.2″, 10.75″, and 12.36″, accompany then from puppy to full grown. The raised dog bowls can not only makes it easier and comfortable for dogs to access their food and water, but also prevents dust or floor debris from falling into the bowls, ensuring a clean and healthy dining experience.

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