Fish Tank Decorations Aquarium Artificial Plastic Plants & Cave Rock Decor Set, Goldfish Turtle Betta Fish Tank… Price: $9.99$13.99 (as of 07/12/2022 08:44 PST- Details)

🍀Ameliade aquarium decorations perfectly replicates the natural environment, and once you put it in the tank, you won’t even be able to recognize that it’s actually made of plastic. Your fish will enjoy the environment these plants provide,and they can play and hide in it.
🍀Unlike live plants in fish tank, plastic artificial plants do not need special lighting and other substrates. They neither die nor become wilted or unattractive. They remain beautiful all the time without any pruning.
🍀The leaves are soft and lifelike without scratching the fish. They swing with the water waves in the fish tank, making them look very vivid and beautiful in the water. They can be planted in both of freshwater and seawater. Each plant has its own base for holding it in the gravel.

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