FUNSWTM Ammonia Test Strips,100-Tests Ammonia Test Kit for Saltwater and Freshwater Ammonia Test for Aquarium,Pond and… Price: $15.99 (as of 30/09/2022 18:45 PST- Details)

Ammonia Testing Strips – The essential water quality parameter of testing strips is ammonia (NH3 /NH4+); Need to be tested at least twice a week for keeping your fish tank happy and healthy.
Premium Material – ammonia test strips for aquariums are made of high quality fiber paper and NO COLOR BLEEDING pad that provides instant and reliable result, the strips color wouldn’t bleed.
Qucik & Easy – Just put the pond test strips into the water for 30 seconds and remove it, then hold the strip horizontally and compare with color chart on bottle to get accurate value of the fish tank.

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