Gravel Vacuum for Aquarium – Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner- Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner – Aquarium Siphon – 8 Foot Long Aquarium Gravel Cleaner With mini Net Price:  $17.99 (as of 22/03/2022 20:10 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

🐟 EASY TO USE- Simply insert the filter of the Gravel Vacuum for Aquarium into fish tank and gently squeeze the pump. Spot clean by inserting the filter into the gravel and squeezing the pump to create a siphon then slightly lifting up so you don’t remove fish tank gravel.
🐟 NO MESS SHUT OFF VALVE- Our fish tank vacuum cleaner has a shut off valve that will ensure water does not spill on the ground when you’re done cleaning. The aquarium siphon pump can used around carpet with no worries of spilling water
🐟 RIGID PIPE SECTION- The aquarium vacuum cleaner hose is designed with an 18” rigid filter and pipe section to make cleaning the aquarium quick and easy. The total length with flexible hose is 8 feet (96 inches).The fish tank vacuum parts are made so you can attach even longer sections of hose if needed.

Usually ships in 24 hours