Grubblies – Healthier Than Mealworms for Chickens – Chicken Treats, Chicken Feed Supplement with 50x Calcium, Black… Price: $16.99$64.99 (as of 05/12/2022 07:05 PST- Details)

Grubblies for Chickens. Grubblies all-natural grubs are sustainably grown on farms across America and Canada. Since chickens instinctually forage for insects, let’s feed them what they naturally love. Every harvest of grubs is sustainably grown and oven-dried for your fluffy ones to enjoy. Give them a chicken treat they’ll love, give them Grubblies!
For a Healthy, Nutritional Diet. Every peck of sustainably harvested grubs is loaded with nutrients for our fluffy ones. Black soldier fly larvae have a higher fat content and unique fatty acid profile, which makes them a healthier alternative to mealworms for chickens. These essential nutrients are beneficial in supporting your chickens during the winter months when they are molting.
Promotes Strong Eggshells. With 50x more calcium than mealworms, Grubblies for chickens promote stronger eggshells and help prevent eggbinding and egg deformation. Unlike mealworms, Grubblies black soldier fly grubs provide an optimal calcium to phosphorus ratio of 3:1 so your birds will absorb the full nutrients without needing extra calcium supplements for chickens.

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