HA SHI Bird Cage Liner – 120 Acid-Free Newsprint Sheets, 31″ x 21.5″, 5.5 lb – Perfect for Pet Cages, Non-Toxic & Safe for Birds, Ideal for Crafts, Packing, Shipping, and More

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πŸ‘ Chemical-free safety 🌿 – This paper is crafted with a smooth texture and is unbleached, ensuring it’s completely free from harmful chemicals. This paper benefits both you and your pets by creating a safer and cleaner environment.
πŸ‘ A pet-friendly option 🐢 – The paper is safe and non-toxic, making it an ideal choice for bedding or cage lining for small pets. It’s easy to replace and dispose of, ensuring your pet’s habitat remains clean and fresh.
πŸ‘ Lightweight yet durableπŸ’ͺ – Soft yet tear-resistant, this material is designed to withstand weight and pressure without easily tearing. This material’s strength lies in its ease of management, saving you time.

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