hygger Mini Wave Maker for 5~100 Gallon Aquarium with Magnetic Mount Quiet Powerhead for Saltwater and Freshwater Fish…

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360° FLEXIBLE HEAD-build in a 360 degree rotatable ball joint design, the wave maker can be easily adjust any direction of water current to satisfy different angle needs, has helped keep tank clean by reducing dead corners.
CIRCULATION, OXYGENATION & FILTRATION-①agitate water: Place the wave pump near the water surface to create surge current in which adding oxygen to the water make your fish thrive.②circulation: it’s not only provide a natural current for corals and give fish additional exercise, but also circulate water for evenly heating. ③ efficient filtration: adjust the powerhead down, its water flow blow up debris pile up at the gravel, and eventually be sucked into filter.
EASY TO DISASSEMBLE AND CLEAN-Certified by ETL of a high standard that the powerhead coupled with an efficient motor and corrosion resistant ceramic shaft,it is long lasting and saltwater aquarium available. And the protect guard is removeable for easier cleaning.

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