iBorn Aluminium Metal Bird Feeders for Outside Hanging Never Rust Bird Feeder Heavy Duty for Wild Birds,Brushed Black…

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【ANTI-RUST Bird Feeder】Aluminum alloy bird feeder with no wood and no plastic and no rusty iron ,which are more durable and add double usage time when used outdoors. Replacing rusty,plastic,low grade materials and choosing an aluminum alloy bird feeder that will never rust can save you a lot of bird feeding costs in your life.You cannot miss this Aluminium Bird Feeders.
【Get A Bigger Bang For Your buck】The hard aluminum alloy bird feeder can effectively avoid the damage of squirrels.Bird feeders made of plastic, low-quality materials are not immune to squirrel damage.DON’T forget the time,money and effort you’ve spent on bird seed and don’t let squirrels spoil your feeding purpose.
【Prevent Squirrels From Opening The Lid】Traditional Tube bird feeders on the market, are easily opened the lid eat up the whole seeds by squirrels and fail your purpose of feeding hungry birds.iBorn Bird Feeders comes with two anti-picking Gasket and squirrels will have no chance of openning the feeder.Double protection of the seed.

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