KASBAH 2 Pack Stainless Steel Dog Bowl for Large Dogs,Standard Bowls Fit Elevated Feeders Metal Bowl Durable Dog Slow…

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EXTRA LARGE DOG BOWL:KASBAH 2 pack bowls have a suitable size and shape for food and water.8.9″ in Diameter & 2.7″ in Height.The slow feeder bowl capacity is 5cups/41oz,The water bowl capacity is 6 cups/48oz.👉Please confirm whether it is suitable for your dog or Feeder holder before placing an order!
REPLACEMENT FOR ELEVATED FEEDER:Needed bowls to fit in your dog feeder stand?Lightweight stainless steel Dog Bowls works great for your raised dog dish platform.These dog bowls are not heavy but durable.You could now change KASBAH stainless steel bowls out of your feeder more often.dog bowl fits an elevated feeder holder with a size of 7.25”-8” open.Just measured, found the right size.
SLOW FEEDER DESIGN:Does your dog have fast-eating issue?Use KASBAH stainless steel slow feeder Dog Bowl with Raised center to effective slow down dog’s eating.It doesn’t have weird patterns to hurt your dog’s nose or mouth like maze bowl.This bowl is very effective in slowing down the gobbling choke and forces the dog to pick up less volume with each bite.

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