KATUMO Bird Treats Parrot Crunch Sticks Parakeet Grains Mixed Treats Cockatiel Snacks Budgie Food Sticks for Lovebird Conure Myna Canary Parrots Price: $9.99$18.99 (as of 25/06/2024 20:59 PST- Details)

NATURAL PARAKEET TREATS: Natural planting with sun dried, through hand-harvested, hand-graded and hand-packed. Plump granules and no additives, maintaining the natural taste and nutrition, your bird will surly like to enjoy its daily snack
CORE NUTRIENT TREATS: Multiple natural grains mixed by using honey sticked and shaped, rich in coarse fiber, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, easy to chew, and can promote birds’ digestion, which is beneficial for their intestinal health
VARIOUS CONURE SNACKS: There are 6 crunch sticks, mixed multiple flavors for your birds to choose. Satisfy different tastes and provide high-energy replenishment, which can help birds flourish while enjoying the freshest quality treats

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