LAQUAL LED Aquarium Light (for 12-18in Fish Tank), Waterproof Fish Tank Light, 3 Modes (Best-Vision-Mode, Night-Mode… Price: $19.99$23.99 (as of 05/12/2022 06:57 PST- Details)

【3 Modes, Perfect Lighting Effect】LAQUAL aquarium lights offer 3 modes for an ideal lighting effect. BEST-VISION-MODE: with the white and blue lights on, your lovely fish and grass will look much more beautiful. NIGHT-MODE: with only the blue lights on, you will see the soft blue light shining into your fish tank, adding a mysterious marine atmosphere. PLANT-MODE: with all the lights on, the full spectrum light will provide almost natural light for your fresh plants to grow.
【5 Brightness & 3 Time Settings, Free Fish Keeping Experience】Our 5730 LED fish tank lights are gentle, making your eyes comfortable. With 5 brightness levels (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%) for each light mode, you can easily find the most suitable lighting effect in different situations. Keeping the lights on all the time is not good for your fish and grass, so we have designed 3 time settings for you (3h, 6h, 12h). You can give fish and grass a natural environment with simple time settings.
【UL Approved, Durable & Waterproof】Our voltage regulator is UL approved, safe & durable. It prevents the light from burning out when powered on, and helps it stay usable for a long time. Have you ever been concerned about what if the fish jump too much and water splashes on the light? NO WORRIES. Our aquarium light is WATERPROOF with acrylic housing and silicone seal. NOTE: Do not put the light directly into the water, since it is not designed for this.

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