LIMIO 6PCS Bird Perch 2 Grape Stick Paw Grinding Fork Natural Wood Bird Stand 4 Parrot Stand Bird Toys for Parakeets Chewing Exercise Branches, Bird Cage Accessories for Cockatiels, Conure, Budgies Price: $21.99 (as of 08/09/2023 16:14 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

【Four different types of parrot perches】-The Bird perch set includes 2 grape stick paw grinding fork perches, 2 parakeet perches, 1 round platform, and 1 square platform. With these 4 types of perches, you can create a natural habitat for your feathered friends, allowing them to live as if they were in nature.
【Nature Bird Stand】-Each bird perch in this set is made from natural wood, providing a safe and natural standing spot for your birds. As the perches are made from natural materials, each one is unique in terms of shape and size. They have been carefully cleaned and dried.
【Easy installation】-Installing these bird perches is a breeze. Each perch is equipped with a metal wing nut and built-in bolts, making it easy to secure them in your bird’s cage. No additional tools are required for installation, and you can place the perches and platforms anywhere in the cage. The design of these perches mimics the natural trees that birds love to stand on, making them the perfect gift for your feathered friends.

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