MantaMaze Aquarium Heater, 25W/50W Fish Tank Heater Small Automatic Thermostatic Betta/Turtle Tank Heater with Powerful… Price: $13.99$17.99 (as of 29/09/2022 18:19 PST- Details)

【Small Aquarium Heater】MantaMaze 50W Mini fish tank heater is 4.7 inches long, about 1 inch shorter than the i Phone 13. Ideal for use in 6-12 gallon small glass or acrylic desktop aquarium tanks. It can automatically controls water temperature at 78℉, no need to adjust temperature, making your fish and turtle pets happier.
【How to Use This Heater】First fully submerge the 50W aquarium heater horizontally or vertically into the water, then plug in, red light turns on, the heater will start working until water temperature up to 78°F, and red light off, then the green light turns on, heater stop working and keeping constant temperature 78°F. Accuracy Range:±3°F.
【Precautions for Use】MantaMaze small aquarium fish/turtle tank heater should be 100% completely submerged in water before plugging in, do not operate or leave the heater plugged in when your fish tank is out of water. Please unplug the power plug first before changing the water or cleaning the fish tank, and then take out the tank heater.

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