MUNLIT Ceramic Fish Tank Decorations, Betta Fish Tank Accessories Rock Caves, Stackable Aquarium Cichlid Cave, Betta… Price: $9.49$12.99 (as of 31/03/2023 09:42 PST- Details)

【Natural Aquarium Caves】: The aquarium cave is made of ceramic with the function of filtering water, with very flat and smooth edges,, and definitely very safe for your fish. Imitate the natural stone texture to create a more natural visual effect
【Aquarium Decoration Rocks】: This hideaway cave provide visual feast for you and a “house” for your fish. The rock caves allowed to stop in for a visit or a hideaway to rest or hide reducing stress and minimizing aggression
【Practical Decorations Cave】: The hollow caves not only does this piece compliment the interior décor of many modern homes, it also provide shelter, hiding spots, and spawning, privacy for your fish, like Crayfish, Shrimps, Betta, Cichlid, Hermit Crabs, or other Small fish

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