Nature Anywhere Window Bird Water Dispenser with 3 EVERGRIP Suction Cups – Bird Water Station – Water for Birds Outdoor… Price: $19.90 (as of 05/12/2022 06:40 PST- Details)

ATTRACT UNIQUE WILD BIRDS: You have beautiful birds right in your backyard. Bring them closer for better viewing! With our water container for birds, you can watch songbirds, cardinals, blackbirds, and more at bird’s eye level. Nothing is more fun than having these beautiful creatures visit your home. Your kids (and pets!) will love to see them too!
DURABLE: Our water tubes are made from premium quality polycarbonate and UV-treated plastic. The suction cups use our propriety EverGrip 3X technology to make sure the feeder will never fall. Simply attach the suction cups to your window, fill the dispenser with water, and watch as these amazing birds fly right up to take a drink!
PREVENT COLLISIONS: Adding a window water dispenser reduces bird collision by breaking window light reflection and letting birds focus on getting water. The UV-treated polycarbonate material on our bird waterer means it’s safe, too.

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