Parrot Toy Spoon, Colorful Stainless Steel & Acrylic Cage Décor, Beak Conditioner for Birds with Soft Beaks, Good for… Price: $7.91 (as of 27/09/2022 17:06 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Visually-Stimulating Colorful Cage Décor — When surrounded with bright and attractive colors, birds get easily attracted and interested. Parrot Toy Spoon by SunGrow is a charming cage ornament with a combination of stainless steel and multi-colored acrylic that is visually-appealing to your feathered pets. As they are being responsive to anything bright, expect your intelligent companion to be in full swing of fun during his playtime.
Promotes Healthy & Sharp Beaks — A parrot’s hookbill plays various important roles in its life. He uses its powerful beak for eating, climbing and as a primary defense mechanism. Also serving as a chew toy as another function, this engaging plaything even helps condition and keep your pet’s beak in good shape. Their instincts would naturally make them peck, knock and chew any wearing material that can be found in their environment.
Provides Audio Entertainment — Being social animals, birds use sound to communicate. In the wild, they mingle with their fellow birds using sounds. When inside a cage, we want to create an environment close to their habitat. Providing your feathered companion with sound-creating objects will make him feel comfortable in his new home. The additional auditory distraction will also keep him out of boredom.

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