PawHut Large Bird Cage with 1.7 ft. Width for Wingspan, Bird Aviary Indoor with Multi-Door Design, Fit for a Canary, Finch, Conure, 55″ Price: $93.49$119.99 (as of 04/07/2024 00:36 PST- Details)

Large Space: Birds need space not just in height but in width, and 1.7 ft. distance from left to right gives this large bird aviary a grand size in interior space, ensuring comfortable pets. The width lets them fully flap and extend their wings with extra additional space. Each cage contains two wooden perches and two plastic food containers for multiple animals. Pull out the upper tray to make the two cages into a big cage.
Four Doors: This steel bird cage has a large front door, a small front door, and two side doors, offering multiple places to easily access food, water, and the inside area. Reach in from whichever side of the cage you’re coming from to save time when on the move and feeding them quickly, either in the morning leaving for work or school, or when leaving for a day out. The quick access to the cage allows convenience.
Easy Rolling: With swift-rolling, quick-to-shift-around movement, this cage for birds can be rearranged effortlessly when it’s in the way. The metal wire structure is a four-wheeled friend of portability.

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