Penn-Plax Bird-Life Trimmer Plus Cement & Wood 3 Step Ladder (BA240) – Cement Made from Crushed Sea Shells – Great for Small Birds Price: $7.37 (as of 02/11/2023 17:22 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

LIGHTWEIGHT CEMENT: The Bird-Life Trimmer Plus Cement & Wood 3-Step Ladder not only provides for better mobility inside the cage, it naturally trims your pet’s nails and beak. No more worrying about extra sharp edges
NATURALLY MADE: Each of the 3 rungs are coated with lightweight cement made from crushed sea shells, which adds beneficial calcium to your bird’s every day activities. It’s okay for your pet to gnaw at the steps; they’re getting calcium, similar to pecking at a cuttlebone.
EASY MOUNTING: Each of our Trimmer Plus Cement & Wood Ladders feature a natural wooden frame, along with metal hooks that easily attach to all wire cages.

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