Reinforced 42 Inch Extra Tall Retractable Dog Gate with Reinforced Strips Retractable Baby Gates Extra Tall Dog Gate Outdoor Retractable Gate Extra Tall Pet Gate Tall Retractable Gates for Dogs Indoor Price: $95.09$120.90 (as of 05/07/2024 18:10 PST- Details)

42 Inch Extra Tall Baby / Pet Gate: the height of the retractable gate has been increased from 35 inches to 42 inches to prevent dogs and cats from jumping over the extra tall baby gate and children from pulling it down. Extra tall retractable baby gates is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor openings from 0-80 inches wide.
Reinforced Bar Design : we have added 4 reinforcement bars in the extra tall mesh gate. 1. The mesh does not sag or fold. 2. The bottom of the extra tall gate is difficult to lift, and children, cats and dogs cannot get under the extra tall dog gate. 3. The extra tall retractable dog gate retracts smoothly and doesn’t get stuck.
Retractable Design – Saving Your Space : the extra tall pet gate is retractable, when not in use the mesh can be completely rolled up without taking up your space. Adults can open and close retractable pet ate with one hand, while children cannot.

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