Roller Protection Nail Water Child Protection Anti Baby Stop Eating Hand Artifact Nail Bittering Agent Stop Biting Nails… Price: $3.52 (as of 08/02/2023 21:23 PST- Details)

Bitterness: Stop Your Child’s Thumb To Avoid Bitterness. It Is And . No Need To Waste Money On Nail Growth Or Other Nail Products For Cuticle Care
Natural Ingredients: Made Primarily From Natural Plant Extracts, Without Harmful Chemicals Or Harmful Ingredients. It Is Completely And For Adults And Children Over 3 Years Old.
EASY TO APPLY: Just Apply A Small Coat Of Nail To Stop Nail Biting And You’ll See Results Within The First Few Hours Of Use. Due To Its And Unpleasant Taste, It Will You From Putting Your Fingers In Your Mouth.