SCIROKKO Turtleneck Small Dog Sweater – Classic Winter Dog Clothes Knitwear Coat for Small Dogs Puppy Price: $5.99$10.99 (as of 04/12/2022 07:47 PST- Details)

Size: XS – Neck Girth 9-10″, Chest Girth 15-16″, Back Length 12.29”; S – Neck Girth 10-11.5″, Chest Girth 16-17.75″, Back Length 13.77”; SM – Neck Girth 12-14″, Chest Girth 19-20.75″, Back Length 16.33”; M – Neck Girth 13-16″, Chest Girth 22-23″, Back Length 19.29”. Please measure your dog’s size carefully before buying.
Twisted Kniting Sweater – This unique way of knitting creates a diamond pattern on the sweater, which makes the sweater look very beautiful. At the same time, this knitting method will not affect the thermal performance of the clothes, and the thick fabric allows it to resist the cold outdoors in autumn and winter.
Turtleneck – The lapel sweater wraps tightly around your dog’s neck, keeping the neck warm while preventing wind from entering the garment, further helping to keep the body warm. At the same time, the elasticity of the neckline is very large, which can be easily put on and taken off for the dog, and will not make the dog feel tight.

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