SUQEFAN Solar Bird Feeders House for Outside Hanging,9.9LB Large Metal Wild Bird Feeder for Outdoors Hanging,Cardinal Bird Feeder Garden Lantern Backyard Décor as Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers Price: $39.88 (as of 28/04/2023 11:40 PST- Details)

【Bring Joy to Your Backyard】 Nourish and protect your feathered friends with this solar-powered bird feeder. Watch in wonder as the birds in your neighborhood flock to your backyard, and provide a warm and safe place for them to call home. This bird feeder stays dry in the rain, warm in the snow, cool in the summer, and well-lit at night, and it’s squirrel-proof with a snap-in metal roof.
【Up-Close Bird Watching】 Get a front row seat to the beauty of nature with 360-degree panoramic viewing. Enjoy unobstructed views of the wild birds in your neighborhood, and feel like you’re right among them. The feeding areas come in different densities to accommodate seeds of various sizes.
【A Touch of Beauty】 This bird feeder is not just functional, it’s a beautiful addition to your garden décor. The hollow-out design makes it easy to monitor the seed level, and it’s designed with care and comfort in mind, including drainage holes, ventilation holes, and drinking cups.

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