The Juggernaut Cat Condo Price: $599.00 (as of 15/05/2023 12:07 PST- Details)

Cat Condos for Indoor Cats: Stimulate your cat’s primal instincts for climbing and scratching with The Juggernaut, our modern cat Condo for large cats and small cats. This cat perch Condo comes with a cat Bridgewall mounted section ideal for zipping around, four cat Hammocks for indoor cats to lounge and relax, floating cat wall scratcher posts and poles to climb and play, and Planters for added greenery (plants not included).
Behavioral Solutions: Many cats have territorial tendencies. Our cat trees and towers for large cats and small cats provide multiple routes throughout the Condos, which is especially beneficial for homes with several cats. With so many options to go up and down across this modern cat tower, there’s no way cats could corner each other, eliminating confrontations between them.
Highly Customizable: The modular design of our wall cat Shelves and cat Bridges for wall allows any of our products to be combined. We suggest you study your cat’s response to our kitty Condo so that you can attach more of your favorite features to build up your layout over time. Each modern cat tree for large cats or small cats can be paired with mounted Feeders, Plush Beds, Ladders, cat wall Shelves, and even more cat Scratching Poles!

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