TOPINCN Pigeon Feeder, 2L/4L/6.5L Large Capacity Pigeon Waterer Automatic Bird Pigeon Feeder ABS Plastic Water Dispenser… Price: $11.78$26.99 (as of 09/04/2023 06:56 PST- Details)

Prevent Pollution: The upper cover of the box body is set at an inclined angle of 35 to 60 to effectively prevent drinking tank from pollution.Pigeon water feeder has a simple design, but very practical in use. Fitted for pet shop, home or zoo
Rotatable Pipe Set: The rotatable pipe set on the top cover solves the problem that pigeons can’t stand and defecate.Made of premium ABS plastic, non-toxic, sturdy and durable.
360° Rotating: The support rod is a 360° rotating circular tube, it will not stuck pigeon hair.Great tool to solve the problem that the water dispenser consumes a lot of water, the sink is not easy to clean, and the pigeons cannot stand and defecate.

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