TradeKing Natural Dried Mealworms – High Protein Treat for Wild Birds, Chicken, Fish & Reptiles Price: $13.99 (as of 27/03/2022 17:24 PST- Details)

✅ STAPLE FOOD – Crickets are a primary food source for reptiles and amphibians. Their high nutrition profile makes them an excellent food source for your bearded dragons, geckos, iguanas, turtles, frogs, fish, birds, and more.
✅ NO MORE ICKY CRICKETS – Live crickets are hard to keep, loud, and contain odor. Our freeze drying process ensures the same nutritional value as a live cricket, but provides easier handling, convenience and a longer shelf life.
✅ GUT LOADED – Our crickets are fed a diet of leafy greens, vegetable matter, and fruits. Our cricket diet ensures the nutrients your pets need, but we recommend diet variety and additional calcium supplementation based on your specific pet