Ultra Fresh Royal Guppy Mignon Pellet, All Natural Guppy Food, Sword Prawns, Spirulina, Highly Nutritious, for Cleaner… Price: $7.69$13.69 (as of 06/02/2023 20:21 PST- Details)

✅ ONE-OF-A-KIND FLAVOR Our guppy food contains up to 35% of wild sword prawns and all other 100% natural ingredients which make it highly nutritious without sacrificing superior taste—even the pickiest guppy can’t resist it!
✅ SAY NO TO DUST, OILY FILM, POLLUTION With the most advanced granule technology, our food comes without dust, causes no oily film, and will not pollute the water. As small as 0.6mm granule, it softens quickly, easy for guppy to digest.
✅ Ultra Natural Coloration Ultra-enhanced formulation of natural seaweed, Australian spirulina, and premium fresh sword prawns enhances the natural coloration of your fish, presenting them in their most natural and vibrant colors.

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