VICYUNS Dog Door Bell for Potty Training Dog Hanging Bell for Puppy Doggie Door Bell Going Outside Ins and Christmas… Price: $6.99 (as of 29/03/2023 08:23 PST- Details)

A dog bell for door potty training let you find that your dog is a genius.Your pup have a high IQ. After training for several times through this training bell, pup can complete associative memory and communication well, and you will find that puppy communicate with you more and more smoothly through the doorbell. Keep being proud of your little genius, compliments and food rewards are important.
A dog doorbell help you save a lot of cleaning time, keep your home away from mess, no longer troubled by the various accidents it makes every day, and it can also reduce the use of potty pads. Cleaning urine stains takes a lot of time. The doorbell can reduce the times you freak out because of puppy potty in the house, and you will find you pup makes you more and more happy.
A potty training bells for puppies let you hear a more healing sound instead of the dog’s barking and running around. The sound of this bell will not be harsh,we are particularly looking for the soft and warm sound of the bell. No sound can compare to the barking of your sweety pup. We want your pup to communicate with you in a softer sound through the training doorbell.

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