WishLotus Bird Perches, Parrot Colorful Climbing Rope Swing Toys Parrot Stand with Bell and Hanging Clip for Parrots, Budgies, Macaws, Parakeets, and Other Small Birds.

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【Multi-functional Rope】: Bird toys rope allows the parrot to climb up and down. In this way, it not only improve its balance ability, but also exercise its body. Bright color of the rope attracts the parrot to chew the rope. It’s good for parrots to clean the teeth and keep the teeth healthy. When your pet gets tired, it can rest on the rope. A healthy life is very important to your little bird.
【Interesting Design】: There is a hook on the top of the rope, which can be connected to any cage, and the parrot can swing on the rope freely. There is a bell on the tail, which can make a crisp sound and let your parrot play more enjoyable.
【Flexible Rope-can be straight or bendable】: Parrot stand rope is very flexible,It can be straight or bent into any shape. You can hang it in a cage and your little bird can climb up and down happily.

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