XGXFKLJK Cat Grass Teething Sticks, Cat Chew Sticks for Indoor Cats, Kitten Catnip Toys Sticks,Natural Dried Cat Grass Treats Dental Snacks for Cats,Cat Teeth Cleaning Treats,Cat Grass Sticks

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🐱【Dental Health Essential】Crafted from plant fibers, this cat toy not only entertains but also serves as a practical dental hygiene tool. It effectively cleans and polishes teeth, promoting mouth health and ensuring a clean oral environment for your beloved pet.
🐱【Protects Your Home】Eliminate the worry of scratched furniture and damaged items with our cat grass teething stick hairballs. Offering a satisfying and enticing chewing alternative, this toy helps redirect your cat’s natural instincts, reducing destructive behavior and preserving the integrity of your home.
🐱【Delicious and Nutritious】Treat your cat to a flavorful blend of chicken and cat grass, providing both taste and essential nutrition in one convenient stick for a well-rounded snacking experience.

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