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SLOW DOWN DOG’S EATING – Are you still worried that your dogs wolf their food down causing bloat, choking and other health issues? YINEYA large slow feeder dog bowls large breed can replace the regular dog bowls large sized dog to prevent the dog from eating too fast. With unique maze design, our small dog slow feeder bowl small breed and slow feeder cat bowl can allow dogs to chew food more slowly and reduce digestive problems, enhancing oral sensation and the process of enjoying food.
SAFE RAISED DESIGN – YINEYA always put the dog’s safety first. Our dog bowl slow feeder large breed won’t irritate your dog’s skin and ensure safe eating experience, beause the smooth raised design of the slow feeder dog bowls small breed and slow eater bowl for dogs can avoid dogs’ mouth, nose and tongue scratches. Moreover, this dog food bowls slow feeder design also allows dogs tongue to reach all of their food without getting stuck in the crevice.
UNBREAKABLE SAFE MATERIAL – Our dog bowls that slow down eating are made of high quality food grade PP polypropylene material which is non-toxic and recyclable. Compared to ceramic slow feeder dog bowls that break easily, this dog slow feeder bowl large breed and cat slow feeder bowl is more safe and durable as they are hard to damage. You dog is totally free to enjoy the food healthily and happily by using YINEYA dog bowls slow feeder.

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