24V AC Adapter Compatible with GVE GM85-240400-F Jebao Jecod DCT-6000 DCT-8000 DC-9000 DCS-9000 DC-6000 SOW-20 DCQ 5000…

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New Global 24V AC / DC Adapter Compatible with GVE GVE GM85-240400-F GM85-240400F GM85240400F 24VDC 4A DC24V 4.0A 24.0V 4000mA Switching Power Supply Cord Cable PS Battery Charger Mains PSU (with Barrel Round Plug Tip)
Compatible with: Jebao Jecod DCT-6000 DCT-8000 DC-9000 DC-6000 WP-60 RW-20 TC-4A WP60 RW20 TC4A DCT6000 DCT8000 DC9000 DC6000 50 W Marine Aqua DC Pump Aquarium Wave Maker Powerhead Pump Jecod 50W DC Pump Controller DC24V Power Supply
Compatible with: Jebao Jecod DCS-9000 DCS9000 65 W Marine DC Pump 65W 2377GPH Submersible Pump Jecod Eco Marine Aquarium; Jebao Jecod DCP-6500 55W DCP6500 DC24V 55 W Marine DC Pump Flow Aquarium Reef Tank Water Sine Technology Wave Pump Driver Controller

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