Futura Care Aquarium Test Strips – Our Accurate Aquarium Water Test Kit Monitor 6 Essential Parameters – Easy to Use…

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🐠 [We Make Aquarium Water Testing Simple]: Constantly monitoring your aquarium’s water quality is essential for keeping your fish safe and happy. Forget about liquid test kits that are too hard and too long to use! Our 6 in 1 Aquarium Test Kit is fast and simple: it assesses 6 vital parameters under 60 seconds and includes everything you need to create a healthy ecosystem: 150 Test Strips, a Pipette, detailed Instructions, Results Chart, Tracking Calendar, and an introductory fishkeeping eBook.
🐡[Accurate Non-Bleeding Test Kit for 6 Vital Parameters]: Tackle those invisible but dangerous saltwater and freshwater problems with our powerful aquarium strips. They test for: Nitrate (NO3), Nitrite (NO2), Chlorine (Cl2), Total Hardness (GH), Carbonates (KH), and pH (pH). For enhanced quality and reliability of the results, our test strips are made of German reagent and Japanese paper. No more color bleeding or faulty readings!
🐠[Easy to Read Results]: We made sure reading the results is easy for you with our detailed instructions and readily available results chart on the container. You will be able to visually match your strips to their corresponding results and easily know if your water is safe or dangerous for your aquarium pets. Also, our test strips are wider than traditional strips with an extra separation between parameters for easy reading and less color bleeding!

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