Abizoo Betta Fish Tank Accessories,Betta Bed Tunnel Cave Soft Edges for Delicate Fins, Betta House Shrimp Pleco Hide Resting Tube Siamese Fighting Fish Corner Moss Ledge for Aquarium Betta Hammock Price:  $12.89 (as of 26/04/2023 11:32 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

【Stunning Aquarium Decor】: Abizoo’s Betta Fish Accessories are designed to create a beautiful and natural environment for your Betts Fish.
【Soft Edged Betta Bed Tunnel Cave】: Our oversized Betta cave with a 1.65″ opening and 3.9″ of swim length is perfect for your Betta buddy. The soft edges are gentle on delicate fins and the hollow pattern provides a sense of security.
【Shrimp Pleco Hide Resting Tube】: Our 3D printed resting tube is sanded smooth and provides a sense of security for your Betta without causing any harm. The high-quality suckers ensure a strong mount.

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