Apex Plus Flea Treatment for Cats, 1.5+ lbs

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EFFECTIVE CAT FLEA & TICK TREATMENT CONTROL — Kills fleas, ticks, flea eggs, and larvae for a full 30 days, ensuring your cat is shielded year-round. Apex Plus cat flea treatment manages all flea stages, breaking the cycle by targeting adult fleas, eggs, larvae, and preventing pupae development.
INSECT GROWTH REGULATION (IGR) WITH POWERFUL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS — (S)-methoprene, an IGR, disrupts the flea and tick for cats life cycle by hindering egg hatching and larval development. Also boasting Fipronil (9.80%) and (S)-methoprene (11.80%), this potent cat flea medicine formula delivers a one-two punch, paralyzing and eliminating fleas through contact.
SAFE, EASY APPLICATION FOR CATS & KITTENS — Designed exclusively for cats weighing more than 1.5 lbs, this flea medicine for cats offers peace of mind for pet owners. The simple, topical flea treatment for cats application instructions make it user-friendly, ensuring hassle-free use. Apex Plus also works as kitten flea treatment over 8-weeks-old.

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