Apex Plus Flea Treatment for Dogs, Small Dogs (5-22 lbs)

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EFFECTIVE DOG FLEA & TICK TREATMENT CONTROL — Apex Plus flea and tick prevention for dogs kills adult fleas and also targets flea eggs, larvae, and prevents the development of flea pupae, ensuring a thorough elimination of fleas at all life stages. With tailored formulations for dogs weighing 5-22 lbs (Small), 23-44 lbs (Medium), 45-88 lbs (Large), and 89-132 lbs (X-Large), Apex Plus dog flea medicine offers a customized solution for various sizes, providing precise and effective protection.
INSECT GROWTH REGULATOR (IGR) ADVANTAGE — The inclusion of (S)-methoprene as an IGR sets Apex Plus dog flea treatment apart by preventing flea eggs from hatching and interrupting the insect’s life cycle, enhancing the product’s efficacy in controlling infestations. The combination of Fipronil and (S)-methoprene works synergistically to attack the nervous systems of fleas and ticks while inhibiting the maturation of flea eggs and larvae, effectively breaking the flea life cycle.
TOPICAL APPLICATION THAT’S SAFE FOR YEAR-ROUND USE — Apex Plus topical flea treatment for dogs is easy to apply, making the treatment process convenient for pet owners. The product is dispersed over the pet’s body by natural skin oils, ensuring even coverage. Designed for monthly application, Apex Plus flea medication for dogs provides a year-round repellent against fleas and ticks, maintaining the health and well-being of your pet.

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