AQQA Aquarium Multifunction Internal Filter,5 in 1 Fish Tank Powerhead,Clean Fish Waste,Circulation Wavemaker,Changer… Price: $29.99 (as of 09/04/2023 04:17 PST- Details)

【Function 1-Automatic collection of fish waste: 】The strong suction of the water pump sucks the fish stool and sediment at the bottom of the fish tank into the filter, and settles into the container through the rotating small fan blades.Daily collection of fish feces, very convenient for cleaning.
【Function 2-Wavemaker,can adjustable outlet waves:】 The filtered water flows out in powerful waves,water outlet can be adjust different directions,Adjust the direction and size of waves,The size of the waves can also be adjusted by adjusting the air volume switch.
【Function 3-Dissolved Oxygen,can adjustable air volume:】With air valve adjustment switch and air intake hose,Increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water,Can adjust the size of the air volume.

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