AQQA New Aquarium Heater- Energy Saving Fish Tank Heater,Over-Temperature Protection and Automatic Power Off When Leaving Water for Saltwater and Freshwater 500W Price:  $14.99 (as of 12/04/2024 18:54 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

【2023 New Energy Saving Fish Tank Heater】Intelligent power on/off,When the water tem reaches the set temperature, it will automatically cut off the power and maintain a constant temperature. When the heater detects that the water temperature is 1 ℉ lower than the set temperature, it will automatically turn on and heating, cycling back and forth to maintain a stable water temperature in the fish tank and increase comfort.
【Nice Quality and Rapid Heating】High quality nickel chromium heating wire,quick heating, 3.5mm thick quartz glass tube with stable heat conduction,Beautiful protective housing preventing fish burns,UL certified wire upgrade with 3-pin plug to prevent leakage.Please regularly disassemble and clean the heating rod body to prevent the accumulation of scale and affect heat conduction. The heat cannot be dissipated and may cause tube explosion. Please be careful.
【Power Off When Out Of Water】Safety protection settings: When the heating rod leaves the water surface for 1.8 inches, the probe detects a shortage of water in the heating rod and will automatically cut off the power. The error code Er will be displayed and accompanied by a beep alarm, and the error will be resolved by immersing it again in the water.

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