AquaMiracle 50W/100W Small Aquarium Heater Fish Heater, Super Mini Fish Tank Heater Turtle Tank Heater for 5-20 Gal Tanks, with Dual LED Display, Dry-Run/Overheating Protection & Memory Function Price: $16.99$18.99 (as of 22/03/2024 18:24 PST- Details)

ULTRA SMALL SIZE – This aquarium heater is incredibly compact, measuring just over half the length of traditional fish heaters! Its innovative design solves the problem of bulky aquarium heaters, taking up less space while still providing powerful heating capabilities.
INVERTER TECHNOLOGY – This fish tank heater uses advanced inverter technology to heat water faster and more efficiently. It maintains a constant temperature and has a longer lifespan.
ACCURATE EXTERNAL THERMOSTAT – The built-in chips ensure precise temperature control with an accuracy of 1F. This is far more precise than the traditional knob-controlled heaters. The digital display on the external thermostat provides 2 readings – the current temperature and the desired temperature – making it incredibly user-friendly.

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