BABORUI Cute Squeaky Dog Toys Cup Price: $14.49 (as of 24/01/2024 18:07 PST- Details)

[Novel and beautiful design] Give you the popular cup design to bring novelty to your dog, and the interior is filled with fluff so that it is very comfortable to touch. from the overall view, our cup toy is very cute, I believe that your dog will love the squeaky dog toys
[Chewing pleasure]This tumbler dog toys cup is designed with a small device inside, when your dog chews, it will make a squeak, this sound will stimulate your dog to chew faster, but also increase the sense of interaction between your dog and the toy, making your dog reluctant to throw it away
[Different interactive experience]Cup-shaped fluffy dog toys allow you to better interact with your dog, and you can throw them out for the dog to retrieve to promote your relationship with your dog and reduce stress or separation anxiety. Or you can increase your dog’s intelligence by issuing commands to get him to act on the interactive dog toys

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