Ball Trimmer-F Price: $9.99$39.98 (as of 03/09/2023 16:06 PST- Details)

Smooth and Comfortable Shave: Say goodbye to the pain and discomfort of traditional shavers with the MANSPOT Manscape Hair Trimmer for Groin & Pubic & Ball of Men Women. Its anti-cut blade and high-power motor make your shaving routine faster, smoother, and more comfortable than ever before. No more nicks, snags, or burns, just a clean and confident look.
Special Care for Your Precious Jewels: You deserve the best care for your most delicate area, and that’s exactly what the MANSPOT manscape ball/pubic/groin trimmer provides. Its hypoallergenic ceramic blades avoid irritation and allow you to shave with confidence. Stretch out your skin and cut slowly and steadily for the best results, and experience a new level of comfort and care.
Long-Lasting and Rechargeable: Save time and money with the MANSPOT body trimmer. With up to 20 uses on a single charge, it’s a durable and reliable choice for all your grooming needs. Featuring electric bikini trimmer guards with four lengths (1.5mm, 3mm, 3-6mm, 9-12mm), it suits any trimming preference. The 1.5mm guard is ideal for those who prefer a very close trim or shave.