BENPIN Wooden Cat Grass Planter (no Seeds Included) with Potting Soil Disks, Anti-Digging Design and Removable Liner, Wheat Grass Growing Pot, Cat Grass Kit for Indoor Cats Pets Price: $15.99$25.99 (as of 29/04/2024 04:13 PST- Details)

【Anti-Digging In “Dirt”】 The top metal grid keeps your curious feline friends from digging in the dirt and having dirty paw prints everywhere.
【No Eating of Muddy Roots】 Your kitty will only eat the clean blades of the cat grass, not the dirty roots, ensuring cat health and hygiene.
【Observable Germination】 Thanks to the removable plastic liner, you can watch the seeds in the soil root and germinate, that makes planting easier.

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