Bird Cage Liners – Small Cages – Pick-Your-Size – 100 Count – 40 Pound Paper / No Wax Price: $29.89 (as of 25/03/2022 18:16 PST- Details)

If you purchase one cage accessory, make it our cage liners. They will simplify your cage cleaning and keep your bird fresh and happy. 40 pound stock paper (Light brown in color) the color makes inspecting bird droppings much easier than white paper. (See picture) 40 pound paper not recommended for birds larger than a Cockatiel; for larger birds we recommend the 60 pound paper.
Wax and birds don’t belong together! We do not use wax in our paper! Wax can be harmful to your birds if ingested.Our paper does not contain wax, a known toxin to birds. Our paper does not have a “Shiny” side because we do not use wax.
Paper naturally absorbs moisture quickly! Wax paper repels moisture, which means the bird droppings will have to sit until the moisture evaporates.

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