Birdream Bird Feeders for Outdoor Hanging, Retro Pagoda Design Fun Installation Bird Feeder, Attracting Wild Birds Chickadees Goldfinches Cardinals Finches and Sparrows Price: $15.99$21.99 (as of 08/03/2024 19:21 PST- Details)

EASY ASSEMBLY EXPERIENCE: Discover the charm of ancient Eastern architecture with Birdream bird feeder’s unique pagoda-inspired design. This feeder not only becomes a haven for sparrows but also promises a quick and enjoyable assembly process for you and your loved ones. Within just a minute, you can witness the beauty of this feeder come to life. A helpful installation guide and video are included to ensure a hassle-free setup.
ATTRACTING WILD BIRDS: With dimensions of 8.2 x 8.2 x 9.8 inches and a generous capacity to hold 2.5 pounds of seeds, this feeder is designed to cater to your backyard birds for 1-3 days. It’s perfect for attracting a variety of birds; fill it with sunflower or Niger seeds to draw in Cardinals, Goldfinches, and Chickadees, or use insects to lure in the elusive Bluebird.
THE GIFT OF NATURE: Offering more than just a feeding station, this bird feeder serves as an exceptional gift that brings families closer to the splendor of the outdoors. It’s an ideal present for children, grandparents, and even pets, allowing them to observe the vibrant hues of wild birds from the comfort of their home.

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